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Support the third International Day of Multilingualism on 27th March 2021 by:

1 – sharing a photo/quote/fact related to languages across as many of your social media accounts as possible

2 – using the #multilingualisnormal hashtag in all posts (*multilingual is normal*)

3 – posting at 09:00 and 21:00 GMT on Saturday 27th March 2021

4 – scheduling multiple posts to create a simultaneous wave of support 

Let’s get the topic trending, and get people talking about talking! In 2019 *and* 2020 we reached 1.6M people worldwide. Can we reach even further in 2021? With your help, yes we can!

You can join the International Day of Multilingualism Facebook group here, and discuss ideas on how to take part with other interested parties.

And exciting new online events for 2021:

5 – join the two live panel discussions on Multilingualism: Past, Present and Future 17:00-19:00 GMT. Speakers include Ilona Regulski, who curates the Egyptian written culture collection where the Rosetta Stone is kept at The British Museum; neuroscientist Dr Thomas Bak; linguist Michelle Sheehan, and more! Find further details and free registration here.

6 – join in with the talks, quizzes and events co-hosted with the Polyglot Conference from 07:00-22:00 GMT. Find the full schedule and get your donate-what-you-can ticket here.

Do come along and take part!

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